My new blog

I have so many things to say, but I’ll keep this brief. As you may know by now, my blog Anime Bowl was taken down due to *perceived* copyright violations (how my own text can be copyright violations, I have no idea). So this is my new blog. It is not identical to my old blog, however. On this blog, I refuse to be tied down by the regulations of being an anime blog. Rather, this blog – while still providing Toonami reviews – is my personal blog, where I will talk about whatever I want. That means sports, video games, writing, etc. – anything is fair game. It will be picture-free, unfortunately, in the vain attempt of staving off a potential second shutdown. So all you’ll get is my own words. You will get my usual Toonami reviews, as well as reviews of other anime series. And hopefully, some talk about anime conventions. It’s a brand new era, and I enter into this new era with a bit of caution and a lot of hope for what may be. Make sure to bookmark this page and come back every day for more and more posts!

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