Jojo 12: Have mercy on the Pillar Man


So, I’ve deduced what caused my former blog to be shut down. It wasn’t the pictures that did it; no, it was the word “e-p-i-s-o-d-e” in the title of the posts. The extremely intelligent bot “Remove Your Media LLC” from Viz Media and Aniplex decided that any posts with that word were obviously hosting illegal videos. With that kind of artificial intelligence, who needs humans?

And speaking of not needing humans, here’s a cool e-p-i-s-o-d-e of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. The new Jojo fights off a random German in the desert. It’s hilarious how he uses a cactus to conduct Hamon and needle the guy into telling him all the information he needs. Then he takes a fantastic disguise, which works perfectly, except when it doesn’t. That’s okay, because he uses the tequila bottles to conduct even more Hamon and get past the German soldiers.

Meanwhile, von Stroheim is conducting an experiment with “the Pillar Man.” He uses prisoners’ blood to activate the Pillar Man, who starts out unable to even crawl, but within minutes has the intelligence to know von Stroheim’s name even though he can’t even hear Stroheim! And thus all heck breaks loose. The Germans try desperately to stop the Pillar Man, but fail on every attempt. Speedwagon watches in terror as the Germans one by one get destroyed in increasingly violent ways by this Pillar Man.

Then Jojo shows up. And this battle is just getting started.

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

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